Tree Species

The most common Christmas tree species produced in Indiana are Scotch Pine and White Pine. Scotch Pine trees have needles which occur in clusters of two and are 1 1/2 to 3 inches long. The needles and branches are stiff and they will hold heavy ornaments. White Pine trees have needles which occur in clusters of five and are 2 to 5 inches long. The needles and branches are soft and flexible; thus, it may be difficult to hang heavy ornaments on them, but they are soft to the touch. For the past twenty years we have grown Fraser, Canaan, Douglas and White fir trees as well as Scotch and White pine and spruce trees on our farms. Our Canaan fir trees have won the Indiana Grand Champion Tree contest on three separate occasions including 2014 and 2015!!!

Tree Costs

We individually price each tree so you know the cost before you cut your tree. Each year we go through the fields and measure each tree to determine the height. We look at the fullness of the tree to determine if it is a perfect tree, an average tree, or perhaps a Charlie Brown tree. Based on the species, height and fullness of the tree we assign a price.

Customers have asked us to post our tree prices so that they know ahead of time how much a real Christmas tree costs. Following are the guidelines that we use to price the trees. Keep in mind that height is not the only factor in pricing the trees. For perfect trees, the cost is usually $5 more. For Charlie Brown trees, the price can be considerably less. Our trees start at $5 and usually everyone can find a tree that they like within their price range.

          Pine Trees     Fir Trees
< 6 feet     $15 to $20     $30 to $45
6 to 7 feet     $25 to $35     $50 to $65
7 to 8 feet     $35 to $45     $70 to $85

Fir trees usually cost about twice as much as pine trees. Once fir trees reach 8 feet and over, the price rises with the height of the tree. A perfect 9-foot fir tree costs about $100 and a 10-foot fir tree costs about $125. Many others are priced lower as each tree is priced individually.

Christmas is about families getting together and making memories that will last a lifetime. Selecting and setting up a real Christmas tree has been part of the memory-making process ever since 1842, when Charles Minnegerode set up the first real tree in Williamsburg, Va.