West Lafayette

Our West Lafayette Christmas tree farm is located at 5038 Morehouse Road where Morehouse Road, Taft Road, and County Road 500 North all intersect. At the stop sign on Morehouse Road, turn left onto County Road 500 North. You will see the red Christmas tree barn and the entrance drive into the tree farm.

At our West Lafayette tree farm, you will find quality trees ranging from 5 to 14 feet tall. Available species include Canaan fir, Fraser fir, Douglas fir, White fir, Scotch pine, White pine, and Blue spruce. Fir and pine species will last from Thanksgiving through Christmas when cut from the field and well cared for indoors. Spruce trees are available about 3 weeks before Christmas because they tend to drop needs when displayed longer than that.

At the West Lafayette tree farm we offer tree baling for $3 which wraps your tree into a netting for easier handling. We also sell heavy duty tree stands that require the tree be drilled for the stand to attach to the tree. The year you buy a stand, the drilling is free. After that you need to tell the crew that you need to have your tree drilled for a stand and the cost is $3. You do not need to bring your stand back to the farm as it is better if you attach your stand at home. Stands range in cost from $12.50 to $35 depending on the size.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards at our West Lafayette tree farm and do not offer any food for sale. Our West Lafayette tree farm also has a small Christmas shop and we sell fresh wreaths, garland, and tree greens.

Old State Road 25 North

Our second tree farm is located on Old State Road 25 North between Americus and Delphi. The driveway to the tree farm is located directly across from the Flora road cutoff at County Road 850 South. Turn left into the field and you will see trees near the gate area as well further down the drive along the edge of the field.

At our Old State Road 25 North tree farm, you will find quality trees ranging from 6 to 14 feet tall. Available species include Canaan fir, Fraser fir, White fir, White pine, and a small number of very large Douglas fir trees. We also offer tree baling, trees stands, and tree drilling as described above.

We accept cash and checks at our Old State Road 25 North tree farm and there is no barn at this location. We will have some fresh wreaths and garland made from our tree greens.

Christmas is about families getting together and making memories that will last a lifetime. Selecting and setting up a real Christmas tree has been part of the memory-making process ever since 1842, when Charles Minnegerode set up the first real tree in Williamsburg, Va.