West Lafayette

Our West Lafayette Christmas tree farm is located at 5038 Morehouse Road where Morehouse Road, Taft Road, and County Road 500 North all intersect. At the stop sign on Morehouse Road, turn west onto County Road 500 North. You will see the red Christmas tree barn and the entrance drive into the tree farm.

At our West Lafayette tree farm, you will find quality choose-and-cut and pre-cut trees ranging from 5 to 12 feet tall. Available species include Canaan fir, Fraser fir, Concolor (White) fir, Scotch pine, White pine, and Norway spruce. Fir and pine species will last from Thanksgiving through Christmas when cut from the field and well cared for indoors. Spruce trees are available about 3 weeks before Christmas because they tend to drop needles when displayed for a longer time period.


It's Christmas. Keep it Real.

Christmas is about families getting together and making memories that will last a lifetime. Selecting and setting up a real Christmas tree has been part of the memory-making process ever since 1842, when Charles Minnegerode set up the first real tree in Williamsburg, Va.